Liberia: Rep. Koluba Not Campaigning for Boakai In Run-Off Election

Montserrado County Representative Yekeh Kolubah has expressed his frustration over what he terms as a lack of respect shown to him by some senior members of the opposition, especially those in the Unity Party.

Speaking to journalists at his home late Sunday evening, despite remaining an opposition lawmaker, Representative Kolubah said he will not be campaigning for former Vice President Joseph Boakai. Instead, he will vote for the opposition candidate because he is an opposition member.

“We decided to stand for the people, but standing up for the people has been abused by our political leaders. People do not have respect for me. People do not know what I am made of. People think that I can be easily influenced by them,” Representative Kolubah said.

According to Rep. Kolubah, he has used his personal money to support the Unity Party on several occasions, but not once has a senior member of the party visited him at his house, something he says is a complete disservice to him.

“When George Weah was running a campaign to the Capitol Building, I used my money to bring banners and printed Joseph Boakai and Mr. Cummings’ pictures. I took the banners to the Capitol Building,” he said.

Representative Kolubah added: “Since 2017 until today, my uncle Boakai has never been to my place. We believe in the people, which is why we stood up for the people.”

He further stated: “I have reached a point today where I want to make it clear to the Liberian people. Jeremiah Koung, don’t call my phone anymore. Dillion, don’t call my phone anymore. Going forward, I will not answer any calls. I am going to buy my ticket and leave the country on Wednesday, and I will return on the 14th of November to vote for the opposition because I am an opposition person.”

Representative Kolubah said he bought six motorbikes with the hope of campaigning throughout Liberia, but he will not make such a sacrifice for the opposition.

“Respect should be given where it is due. Since you people do not have respect for me, I will not campaign for you. Mo Ali, I reject the appointment you made. When you want to appoint me, call me. Sit with me before you appoint me. You don’t respect me. I use my own resources to ensure that the opposition comes to power, and you guys are abusing it. Going forward, nobody should call me,” he said.

Source: Front Page Africa