Liberia: Leading opposition candidate Alexander Cummings Urges Margibi To Vote For Change Amidst Strong Endorsement

In a powerful rally held in Kakata, Margibi County, Alexander Benedict Cummings, the Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), called upon the residents of Margibi County to unite in their collective effort to vote President George Weah out of office in the upcoming October 10, 2023, elections.

Drawing a football analogy to emphasize the need for change, Cummings stated, “On October 10, we have to retire George Weah. Football is his area, and on the field, if you play a bad foul, you get a red card. So, on October 10, we should give Weah a red card.” Cummings and his wife, Teresa, joined in displaying symbolic red cards to the enthusiastic crowd.

Earlier in the event, members of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), represented by the “Majority Bloc of the PLP,” officially endorsed Mr. Cummings, expressing their belief that he represents the best alternative for a brighter future.

CPP Vice Standard Bearer Charlyne Brumskine urged the citizens of Margibi to make a crucial decision by casting their votes for Mr. Cummings. She emphasized that the power to shape a brighter future lies in the hands of the voters, and they should make the right choice by electing Mr. Cummings.

At the outset of the rally, the Margibi chapter of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) honored CPP Chairman Musa Hassan Bility for his outstanding leadership in guiding the CPP through various challenges. ANC members credited Bility’s leadership with not only sustaining the CPP but also fielding strong presidential and vice-presidential candidates for the 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

Citizens of Margibi County turned out in their thousands with great jubilation on Thursday, September 14, reaffirming their unwavering loyalty and support for Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, the CPP Standard Bearer.

The entrance of the Booker Washington Institute (BWI) in Kakata witnessed cultural dances by masked performers, massive jubilation, and talent displays by youth and women groups as the huge crowd eagerly awaited the arrival of the CPP Standard Bearer and his entourage.

Cummings, accompanied by his wife Teresa, Vice Standard Bearer Counsellor Charlyne Brumskine, and CPP Legislative Aspirants, led the parade from the BWI campus to the Nancy B. Doe sports pitch where the official ceremony was held.

Thousands of citizens, already gathered at the Nancy B. Doe sports pitch, greeted the CPP Standard Bearer and his entourage with enthusiasm. The CPP Executives were escorted under tight security by the Liberia National Police to the main podium mounted on a 20ft container truck beautifully decorated with party emblems.

The atmosphere was electric, with loud music filling the air as citizens danced and chanted slogans for “change.” They denounced the inept leadership of President George Weah, declaring, “Cummings is the man we want.”

At the official program, the PLP Margibi County Chapter presented a statement of endorsement to Mr. Cummings, pledging their support for his presidential bid in the October elections. The CPP Margibi County branch also presented a statement of appreciation to CPP National Chairman Musa Bility for the Liberty Party’s commitment to the unity of the Collaborating Political Parties.

CPP Vice Standard Bearer Counsellor Charlyne M. Brumskine emphasized the dire need for change and stated that the CPP is the best alternative to replace the inept ruling Coalition for Democratic Change of President George Weah. She made a passionate plea, especially to women and youths, who constituted the largest turnout, not to vote based on sympathy or popularity but rather for Mr. Cummings, whom she described as the best qualified and without blemish.

Mr. Cummings expressed gratitude for the rousing welcome and the huge turnout of citizens, including partisans, supporters, sympathizers, and well-wishers for the launch of the CPP campaign in Kakata, Margibi County. He assured Liberians that upon his ascendancy as President, he will endeavor to fix the deplorable road conditions, revamp the country’s ailing economy, and improve the health and educational systems nationwide.

The CPP Campaign launch in Kakata, Margibi County was seemingly the largest campaign gathering outside the capital Monrovia and was attended by Montserrado County Representative Yekeh Kolubah and Rivergee County Senator Jonathan Sogbie. Both lawmakers denounced the six years of poor performance of the ruling CDC government.

Source: Front Page Africa