Liberia: Investigate the Shocking Drug Smuggling Scandal at Roberts International Airport

IN A STARTLING and deeply troubling revelation, Liberia finds itself embroiled in a drug smuggling scandal that threatens the very fabric of our society. The recent interception of illicit drugs, masquerading as herbal tea, at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) is not only a grave cause for concern but also a call to action. What makes this situation even more shocking is the alleged involvement of the Chief of Security at the airport, Mr. Samuel Freeman.

THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE and the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) have confirmed the presence of methamphetamine, a highly addictive and dangerous synthetic stimulant, in the confiscated packages. This revelation is not just a violation of international drug control regulations but also a cruel betrayal of the Liberian people, especially our vulnerable youth.

THE IMPLICATIONS of this scandal cannot be underestimated. Our country is on the brink of important elections, a time when our citizens should be focusing on choosing their leaders and building a brighter future for Liberia. Instead, we are confronted with the insidious threat of cheap, highly addictive drugs entering our communities. This is a grave injustice to our people, particularly the Liberian youth, who are already grappling with numerous challenges in their lives.

THE IMPORTATION of drugs like methamphetamine into our nation poses a severe threat to public health, safety, and security. Methamphetamine is known for its devastating effects on individuals and communities, leading to addiction, violence, and societal decay. Our country simply cannot afford to allow this menace to take root.

IT IS IMPERATIVE that a full-scale investigation is launched into this drug smuggling scandal at Roberts International Airport. The Liberian people deserve answers, and those responsible for this heinous act must face the full weight of the law. This investigation should not only focus on the immediate perpetrators but also delve into any possible complicity or negligence within the airport’s security apparatus, customs, and other relevant authorities.

THE QUESTIONS surrounding this scandal are numerous and troubling. Why were these suspicious packages hidden away from CCTV cameras and prying eyes? Why was there such a delay in opening the confiscated boxes, allowing ample time for rumors and misinformation to spread? And why was the owner of the consignment not held accountable for potential tax evasion?

FURTHERMORE, the alleged involvement of the RIA Security Manager, Mr. Samuel Freeman, and the confusion surrounding the consignment’s ownership demand thorough scrutiny. If there is any truth to these allegations, it is a grave breach of trust and security that cannot be tolerated.

LIBERIA STANDS at a critical juncture in its history, and the integrity of our institutions is paramount. We call upon the Ministry of Justice, the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency, and all relevant authorities to ensure a transparent and unbiased investigation. The Liberian people demand justice, accountability, and a swift resolution to this deeply disturbing situation.

AS WE MOVE FORWARD, let this be a reminder that our country’s future depends on the strength of its institutions and the unwavering commitment to upholding the rule of law. Liberia cannot afford to be held hostage by drug traffickers, especially during such crucial times. We must act decisively to protect our youth and safeguard our nation’s future.

THE LIBERIAN people await answers, and justice must prevail.

Source: Front Page Africa