Morocco’s decision to forgo German quake aid not political – foreign ministry

Germany does not see any indications that Morocco’s decision to leave Berlin’s earthquake aid offerings on the table is political, a foreign ministry spokesperson said on Monday.

“Diplomatic relations between Germany and Morocco are good,” said the spokesperson, who added that the Moroccan side had thanked Germany for its offer of help.

As Germany learned from deadly flooding in 2021 in the Ahr valley, aid coordination is important during major disasters to ensure rescue workers do not impede each other, said the spokesperson.

“I’m sure that they (Morocco) have thought very carefully about which forces can be deployed where and how they can get there, what transport capacities are available, for example.”

Germany is among several countries, notably France, that have said they stand ready to help if asked.

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI on Sunday thanked Spain, Qatar, the UK and United Arab Emirates for sending aid after the country’s deadliest earthquake in over six decades, state TV reported.

Morocco had assessed aid needs and considered the importance of coordinating relief efforts before accepting their help, it added.

Source: Reuters