Moroccan Team Champions in Africa Boxing Championship

Morocco has positioned itself as a champion at the African Boxing Championship after bagging several gold medals.

The Moroccan boxing selection received eight gold, two silver, and three bronze medals.

Moroccan champion Widad Bartal offered the first gold medal to Morocco in the 54-kilogram category, beating Algeria’s Fatima Zohra Abdelkader.

Khadija El Mardi won the second gold for Morocco in the 81-kilogram category.

In the 51-kilogram category, Rabab Cheddar won a silver medal along with Oumaima Belahbib in the 66-kilogram category.

In the men’s category, Morocco’s Mohamed Rabii won the gold medal in the 75-kilogram category, while Mohamed Sghir won the fifth gold medal.

Yasmine Moutakki won the sixth medal, along with Soulaimane Samgouli and Said Moutaraji who both won the seventh and eighth golds.

The African Boxing championships took place in Cameroon with the participation of 33 teams. Morocco was represented by 18 boxers – 10 men and eight women participants.

Source: Morocco World News