Liberian president promises embassy in meeting with Israel’s top envoy

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen met with Libera’s president George Weah and welcomed ‘the intention to open an embassy’

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen met the Liberian President George Weah and Liberia’s top envoy, in Jerusalem, on Tuesday afternoon. The West African representatives expressed their intention to open an embassy in Israel.

Liberian President George Weah meets Foreign Minister Eli Cohen in Jerusalem, July 4, 2023. (Miri Shimonovich/GPO)

“I welcome Liberia’s intention to open an embassy in Israel, which will strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two countries. Liberia is one of Israel’s great friends on the African continent,” Cohen stated.

“I thanked Liberian President George Weah for his support for Israel in international institutions, and we agreed to work together to deepen economic cooperation in the fields of energy, agriculture and water, using Israeli knowledge and experience and promoting trade delegations in Israel and Liberia,” the Israeli foreign minister said, according to a statement from his office.

Liberia was on a diplomatic mission to promote economic, energy and agricultural cooperation between the two countries. During which, the matter of opening an embassy in Israel was brought up, however no date was specified.

Translation: On the way to another embassy in Israel!I met today in Jerusalem with the President of Liberia, George Wah, and with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kamaya. Liberia is one of our great friends in Africa, and I thanked them for supporting Israel in the votes in international institutions. We discussed strengthening economic cooperation between the countries, using Israel’s technology, knowledge and experience, and promoting the opening of a Liberian embassy in Israel. Photo: Miri Shimanovitch, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In June 2022, a delegation of Liberian ministers had already announced their intention to open an official office in Jerusalem. Although Liberia is a small country of five million inhabitants, it is an important ally of Israel on the international stage, which has regularly sided with Israel at both the UN and the African Union in recent years.

Source: i24News