Ridley’s Scott’s ‘Napoleon’ Said to be a “Masterpiece” by Viewer at Test-Screening

Ridley Scott’s “Napoleon” stunned an L.A. moviegoer last night. He’s calling Scott’s epic a “masterpiece.” The film was test-screened at The Grove in Los Angeles last night.

NAPOLEON Official Trailer (2023) Joaquin Phoenix

Judging by this reaction, and the fact that not much editing needs to be done, you’d think Apple would want to release this one as their main contender this year instead of “Emancipation,” alas I don’t think that’s going occur. Anyway, here’s the reaction:

“It’s 150 minutes. Covers the sweep of Napoleon’s life from his promotion around the time of the revolution, to the end. I think it’s bigger, better and MORE PSYCHOLOGICAL than Scott’s epics like Kingdom of Heaven and Gladiator. Also more political. I think the picture is a masterpiece, or very nearly one. It’s the culmination of Ridley’s life’s work as a filmmaker. His staging of battle scenes on a near-cosmic scale is mind-blowing. Joaquin gives a Brando-like performance, taking some very big risks, and at times verging on the absurd, but always taking the audience with him. As a movie about a nationalist in a time of chaos and disintegration who thinks in terms of pure power, it has a lot of parallels to 2022. It’s a great movie and I’ll be surprised if there is anything better released in 2023.”