India, China, Brazil should be engaged in possible Ukraine Peace Summit -Danish Foreign Minister

COPENHAGEN – Denmark would like to host a summit in July about how to find peace between Ukraine and Russia, but such a meeting would require engagement from India, China and Brazil, Danish Foreign Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said Monday.

“For starters, we need to put some effort into creating a global commitment to organise such a meeting,” the minister told reporters on the sidelines of the EU Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels.

A peace summit should not just be attended by Ukraine’s allies.

“It is necessary to build interest and involvement from countries like India, Brazil and China,” Lokke Rasmussen said, adding that “it is hard for me to see” Russia participating in such a summit.

“If Ukraine finds that the time has come to have such a meeting, that would be fantastic. And then Denmark would obviously like to host the meeting,” he said.

Source: Reuters