Liberians in the European Diaspora believe Ambassador exploiting Diplomatic Status for Gold and Diamond-Smuggling

MONROVIA- One of Liberia’s longest-serving ambassadors under the Weah administration is believed by Liberians in the European diaspora to be exploiting his diplomatic status for gold and diamond-smuggling in Antwerp (the diamond capital of Europe), Belgium including the selling of Liberian passport to foreigners.

Isaac W. Nyenabo, appointed Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Belgium and the European Union by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in 2015 is believed to have cultivated dangerous friendships over the years with gold and diamond smugglers from Liberia. Our investigation discovered that under President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Ambassador Nyenabo was strongly restricted, monitored, and constantly audited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to circulating information within the Liberian diaspora community in Europe, the Ambassador has over the past 6 years been constantly involved in “bad-faith dealings”, “open-door corruption” and is regularly seen at the Brussels International Airport waiting for “suspicious arriving guests” from Monrovia, who in many cases have nothing do with the Liberian government or in the employ of the Liberian government.

Liberians in the European diaspora spoken to on condition of anonymity for fear of the Ambassador’s ruthless retaliation because of his past as a Warlord in Liberia’s bloody and horrible 14 years civil war said that the Ambassador’s behavior to constantly meet and greet unofficial and non-government officials has been “deeply suspicious and beneath the station of the ambassador” especially that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Liberia has many other staff members in the embassy who could easily be fully responsible for the arrival of official Liberian government guests.

They also believe the Ambassador’s deep ties with the now Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act sanctioned former Minister of State for President Affairs Nathaniel McGill, was a hit to the administration of George Weah that Ambassador Nyenabo lives in the company of shady people and does all he can to carry favor with them, even to the detriment of the Ambassadorship and the country.

Former Minister of State for President Affairs Nathaniel McGill (Right), Minister of Finance and Development Planning Samuel D. Tweah Jr (center), and Ambassador Isaac W. Nyenabo (Left)

They believe that the Ambassador has damaged the embassy’s diplomatic standing and the country’s reputation in Belgium and the surrounding countries to the point that the diplomats who are to stand up against or report to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the ambassador’s “bad-faith behavior” are too weak to do so.

A source who regularly visits the embassy for business said that the young staff at the embassy have become prisoners of the ambassador’s manipulation, dangerous controlling tactics, and verbal aggression. A ploy to keep them divided and deeply distracted from his “bad-faith dealings”, and “open-door corruption”.

The Ambassador has damaged the embassy’s diplomatic standing and the country’s reputation in Belgium and the surrounding countries

One source from the community informed that the Ambassador, who is also a former corrupt Pro tempore and Senator from Grand Gedeh County, cultivated dangerous friendships in Belgium are mostly individuals from Antwerp, the diamond capital of Europe who the source believes are his connections to smuggling the gold and diamond-for cash.

Over the years, the ambassador has been seen with many expensive, new, and private-used vehicles and other valuables which the Liberian diaspora community believes could not be paid for from his salary as all Liberians are aware that the salaries of Ambassadors of Liberia are low and no regular. From our investigation, we discovered that Liberians in the European diaspora have informed the government of Liberia many times of the Ambassador’s “bad-faith behavior” and “open-door-corruption” but the administration of George Weah has never investigated, transparently audited, or care to deal with the matter seriously.

Currently, Ambassador Nyenabo is “reported” to be making connections for President George Weah’s October 2023 elections in Grand Gedeh county as a show of “support and job security” for his position as Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary. Others believe that his support for Joseph N. Boakai, Unity Party candidate remains deep but is playing a “game of wait and see” to remain deceptively loyal or jump ship.