‘Let’s Unite to Remove George Weah’: Liberia’s Opposition

Former Liberian Vice President Joseph Boakai Friday called on opposition parties to unite against President George Weah in the 2023 presidential elections scheduled for October.

Joseph Boakai, leader of Liberia’s Unity Party, urged members of the opposition to consider working together ahead of October’s presidential race that will witness President George Weah looking to extend his time in office.

Despite his calls for unity, Boakai’s party recently left a coalition of opposition parties, after accusations rose of another member tampering with the framework document laying out the selection process for presidential candidates.

The 78-year-old opposition leader said Weah’s administration has failed the nation’s youth.

“We want to take over that country, so we can position it for younger generations, and we need all of their support because this is not a one-man thing,” said Boakai.

When asked about his party leaving the coalition of opposition parties, the former vice president said, “you know divorce is always in two ways,” adding, “we left it because it was not working.”

Ledgerhood Rennie, Liberia’s Information Minister said Weah will win in October’s presidential race.

“The president told the nation that he is running for the second time for the presidency and his supporters decided that they will petition him,” said Rennie.

Rennie said Weah recently held a rally that witnessed a large crowd.

“The mammoth support that came for the president, not just in Monrovia but across the country, simplifies that he is on his way to re-election,” he said.

Source: VOA