Liberia: Charles Taylor former gunrunner Benoni Urey withdraws Party (ALP) from the Collaborating Political Parties-CPP

MONROVIA, LIBERIA– According to reports from the capital, the Committee (NEC) of the All Liberian Party- ALP has mandated its National Chairman and Political Leader to effect an immediate withdrawal of the party from the Collaborating Political Parties – CPP.

The decision comes as unconfirmed reports circulating in Monrovia indicate that there are ongoing negotiations between Unity Party (UP) Joseph N. Boakai and the Alternative National Congress (ANC) Alexander B. Cummings Jr taking place in Accra, Ghana.

In their communication dated December 30, 2021, the ALP inform that the EC’s decision was made as a result of a comprehensive review of the party’s participation in the CPP, the uncertainties about the political future of the collaboration, the lack of strong will to implement the findings of the CPP FA Investigative Committee’s findings of the alterations of the CPP’s Framework Agreement, among other issues.

The document continues

At the end of a long period of intense deliberation concerning the original purpose, intent, political interest, and viability of the ALP’s participation in the CPP, the EC, in its December 23, 2021, extra-ordinary sitting, voted in majority to pull out of the CPP.

Additionally, the EC also decided that the ALP will seek legal action for the unlawful attachment of its leaders’ signatures to a filed ( with National Elections Commission ) July 14, 2020 photocopy version of what was purported to be an approved (by all parties of the CPP) Framework Agreement of the CPP.

As per the process of pulling out of the CPP, the EC of the ALP cautioned the leadership of the party to exhaust all legal procedures in a timely manner as it effectuates the withdrawal process.

Furthermore, the National Executive Committee of the party plans to reconvene to chart and carve a new roadmap for the ALP’s future engagement with other like-minded parties, in an effort to evolve a robust, unified, pragmatic, symbiosis, and national-interest centered relationship to confront the 2023 general and presidential elections.

The EC’s meeting was concluded by the setting up of a Resolution Committee to document the decision and mandate of the EC.

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