Guinea junta members barred from running for elections

Guinea junta members will not be able to run for office in the next national or local elections, according to guidelines it released on the transitional period earlier this week.

The transitional framework will remain in place until a new constitution is established, although there has been no indication how long the transition will be.

The military junta overthrew Alpha Condé on 5 September, putting in place a government run by junta leader Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, in addition to two vice-presidents.

According to this transition charter, Doumbouya will be president with a cabinet made up of a civilian prime minister.

A National Transitional Council (CNT) will be the acting parliament, composed of 81 members, including political parties, trade unions, employers, youth and the defense and security forces.

The state broadcast media announced these measures, stating that none of these people may be candidates in the elections. The CNT, composed of at least 30 percent women, will define the period of transition.

This composition reflects the two weeks of consultations the junta had with civil society, politicians and business leaders.

Earlier this month, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) imposed travel bans and asset freezes in order to push the junta to constitutional rule.