Liberia: Alexander Cummings Calls Out Benoni Urey for Reckless, Irresponsible Conduct

Benoni Urey, leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP) wrote a letter on Thursday to Senator Nyomblee Kangar-Lawrence, the Chairperson of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) with baseless allegations that the framework document of the CPP was altered.

Urey declared without providing evidence or providing the names of the alleged perpetrators that “certain portions and clauses within the organic framework document of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) have been dubiously, viciously, and purposefully altered allegedly by some nefarious individuals within the hierarchy of the CPP —and replaced by ‘Alien Clauses’ to engender ulterior motives.”

The CPP coalition, made up of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), the Unity Party (UP), the Liberty Party (LP), and the ALP has been thrown into disarray as a result of Urey’s reckless allegations against the CPP leadership.

Alexander Cummings, who heads the ANC and is a leading candidate in the run-up to the 2023 presidential elections has responded forcefully to Urey’s behavior in a letter to Senator Karnga-Lawrence, warning that Urey’s allegations that the CPP’s framework document was altered may “evoke acrimony and cast aspersion on the integrity of the CPP.”

Cummings, who is very careful with his words and is committed to maintaining the unity of the CPP in the run-up to what promises to be a difficult campaign against incumbent President George Weah and his Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), declared forcefully that,

“Given that Benoni accuses no one directly, he thereby, unfairly accuses everyone indirectly. I find it unacceptable that such strongly worded letter, laced with threats to the survival of this collaboration is void of any specific details – he points to no specific provision in the document that he claims is altered, does not say when he believes it was altered, does not say who are the “nefarious” individuals amongst us in the hierarchy that altered it but yet invites the CPP through your Office and the Liberian people, to embark on a wild-goose chase.”

Urey’s irresponsible outburst has many observers scratching their heads, wondering why the leader of the ALP would seek to tear down the CPP at such a critical juncture.

Furthermore, given Urey’s lack of evidence and vague allegations, analysts have also questioned the timing of the ALP leader’s incendiary claims, coming on the heels of similar allegations made by the Sen Karnga-Lawrence and Sen. Darius Dillon, alleged to be supporters of Boakai, claiming that their own party’s constitution was altered by the LP’s chairman, Musa Bility, who many believe support Cummings.

Is Urey playing political games at the expense of the CPP, seeking to replicate the chaos within the LP in the CPP coalition as a whole? Could this be an effort on Urey’s part to demonstrate loyalty to Boakai?

To support such speculation, many point to Urey’s recent political challenges which have cast doubt on his viability as a political candidate. The ALP leader has long claimed to fully back Joseph Boakai as his preferred choice for president in 2023, but questions have been raised about whether Boakai can really trust Urey to be his loyal supporter should the political winds shift.

Even more worrying for Urey are concerns within the Boakai camp about Urey’s dark past and association with war crimes and war criminals, which have many advisors to the Unity Party leader advising that Boakai – who seeks to maintain his image as wise and incorruptible – distance himself or cut ties completely to the increasingly toxic Urey.

The CPP’s framework document has been in existence for more than a year. A source in the CPP told Front Page Africa that they believe Urey may be “looking for loopholes to leave the CPP arrangement and break the collaboration.”

Whatever the motivations, Benoni Urey’s reckless allegations serve to raise further questions about the ALP leader’s true motivations. What little trust remains of Urey in the CPP and among voters at large is quickly eroding as a result.