Rwanda Leads; Expands Visa Waiver Africans

The agony of travelling within Africa is one of the biggest trade barriers the continent has created for itself. Some countries are beginning to realise and ease the red tape.

The tiny East African nation of Rwanda is taking the lead.

Led by Paul Kagame, who critics accuse if dictotorship, Rwanda is opening its doors wider 26 years after enduring genocide in which thousands died.

Rwandan cabinet Friday approved waiver of visa fees for a broad category of visitors entering the east African country.

Cabinet approved waiver of entry visa requirements to the citizens of member States of African Union, the Commonwealth and Francophonie countries to foster the implementation of Rwanda’s openness policy, minutes of cabinet meeting released Saturday showed.

The new policy means that all Africans, citizens of Commonwealth nations and the Organization Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) can enter Rwanda without having to pay visa fees.

Rwanda will in June host the 26th meeting of the heads of government of the Commonwealth of Nations, also known as CHOGM 2020.

Rwanda’s visa-openness has positioned it as one of the most open countries on the continent.