Pallaso accosted and stabbed in Johannesburg

Songwriter, producer, and videographer Pius Mayanja, brother of Jose Chameleone, better known as Pallaso, is recovering from injuries sustained from a stabbing in South Africa.

According to a video shared by the Team Good Music singer, goons accosted him in Johannesburg as he was travelling with a friend on Wednesday, February 19.

Shedding tears, Pallaso narrated that he narrowly escaped death after he hid in a garage from the machete-wielding group.

“They beat me up real bad. I fell down, I was stabbed. As I tried to run I was hit by a car. I tried to ask for help from the owner of the car but he just drove off so I kept running with people chasing me with machetes.

“I am not sure I’ll leave this place alive because I’m still in hiding… Am currently hiding in a garage at a school. Please pray for me, I need help,” narrated Pallaso in a widely shared Facebook video.

He was later located, rescued and rushed to the hospital where, according to Jose Chameleone, he is out of danger and receiving treatment. 

“Just talked to Pallaso he’s in danger after attacks as he was shooting a video in South Africa. We must condemn such violent acts into our people. We are all Africans,” tweeted Chameleone on Wednesday.

Updating his followers hours later, Chameleone condemned the attacks and called for tolerance in the southernmost country in Africa.

“Thanks, Uganda worldwide, most especially the South African Ugandan community!! Pallaso was rescued at all odds!!! But all this must be condemned as we are all Africans. If we move in unity same way always we shall be free!!! Let’s always watch out for one another.

“Bro come home now! God took control and he will always. Come back home. All evil has done God the Will repair. Thanks to all our family, friends, fans and everybody that reached out in such a time,” he added.

In a post shared seven hours ago, Pallaso’s management reiterated its call for calm and thanked, among others, the South African High Commission for its timely intervention. 

“Thank y’all our fans worldwide for the concern and prayers. We would like to inform you that our artist Pallaso has been located and rescued and at the hospital however his condition is still very bad, keep him in your prayers. A big thanks to Mc Norman for the support and to the South African High Commission for also following up on this.” 

According to Ugandan media, Pallaso was in South Africa for a show but decided to extend his stay in the country to shoot a video. He was accompanied by comedians Madrat and Chiko. 

Publicity stunt, xenophobic attack or outright robbery? Time will tell.